WALLY WHARTON

Fax: (866) 405-6786                                                         Height: 5’3”   Weight: 106 lbs.
E-mail:  <>                      Hair: Yes! (Blonde)
Eyes: 2- (Blue)  Age Range: 45-61
Education:  B.A. in Theater Arts—UCLA 1976Theater:  Many equity-waiver productions –1980-89
(list available as soon as I find my scrapbook…)
Founder of “Comic Waste” Improv. Group—performed regularly at Al’s Bar, Gio’s, pvt. Parties. 1983-88.
TV Commercials:  McDonald’s, Pepsi, Jack-in-the-Box, Wendy’s, Nut n’ Honey Crunch
TV Shows: Regular on the The Redd Foxx Show  (dir. Bob Epstein)
Mighty Carson Art Player (3 shows w/ Johnny, 1 w/ Guest Host Rob Reiner)
James at 16
Husbands, Wives & Lovers
Real People
The Montel Wms. Show
The Marilyn Kagen Show
“Loose Change” Go-Go Girl (Movie-of-the-Week)
“Deadman’s Curve-The Jan & Dean Story”—car-hop UNIVERSAL
“Heavy Metal, Thunder & Mud” –“Wanda Walinsky” HBO/I.R.S. (Penelope Spheeris dir.)Film:   “The Cheerleaders Wild Weekend” — “Lisa” (Bill Osco Prod.)
“Up In Smoke”  — “Debbie”  PARAMOUNT (Lou Adler dir.)
“HeartBeeps” —Party Girl   UNIVERSAL  (Allan Arkush dir.)
“The Last Resort”—“Wanda” (Zane Buzby dir.)Skills:  Singing (musical comedy—alto) Dance (ballet), Burlesque, Tap, Comics & Architectural Colorist, Caricature and Cartoon Portraiture, Voice-Overs, proficient in many accents, dialects. Some Stand-Up Comedy experience. Speak good French and lousy Japanese.

Registered with Central Casting (
LAC Background—7080 Hollywood Blvd. #304
Los Angeles, CA. 90028 (323) 962-3300
Honorable withdrawal from SAG-AFTRA in 1992

1983-84 – Runway Fashion Model (Daimaru), Osaka Japan